Authentication and Encryption

Metasure provides a number of managed and co-managed solutions to assist organisations achieve the appropriate level of security for their people and their IP assets. Historically, companies had to be tied into one technology vendor or make long term commitments for authentication and encryption solutions, however via the use of the cloud-based technologies, Metasure provides SaaS based, zero/low touch solutions that can be deployed remotely for immediate use.
Metasure delivers a bespoke solution that meets the needs of today’s users, especially modern partner collaborators, or remote executives. These types of users often require secured access to privileged information and assets on a range of devices on and offline, both in and out of business hours.

Metasure provides you with an already assured solution which leverages our cloud-based tool set to exceed the needs of collaborators or senior executives who need always-on, secure access to information.
Although many vendors will try to convince you that one solution can encompass everything, we have learnt that the best solutions tend to draw upon key elements of various solutions. For this reason, we operate complete impartiality and will advise you on the most appropriate vendor-agnostic solution for your organisation.

Always provide best of breed in proven technologies with accessible pricing models

Provide advice and guidance using industry specific experience and regulatory authority access

Managed service delivery and comprehensive 24*7 support

We work closely with you to understand business needs