Compliant Business Process Outsourcing

For many businesses with regulatory compliance responsibilities, ensuring systems and process meet minimum required compliance is virtually impossible due to legacy systems, distributed site geography, supply chain interface and remote accessibility requirements.Traditional hosting and Internet Service Providers partners are ill-equipped to respond to these issues due to their reliance on shared systems architecture to deliver cost effective services.
Metasure has built partnerships with best of breed compliant technology hosting and business process outsourcing systems providers to provide your business with access to compliant hosting and cloud collaboration platforms which reduce scope, reduce complexity and reduce risk.

Compliance issues can be identified and segmented away from the core network to provide a more manageable, secure and assured platform to facilitate essential existing business processes.
Because our environment is fully managed, segmented and bespoke to your needs, we provide you with a comprehensive package to ensure your business can demonstrate continual compliance via our always on, cloud based compliance reporting platform.

Sample Projects Include:

Managed Compliant Virtual Fax Platform

Bio-Pharma Licensing Collaboration Platform

Secure PCI DSS compliant hosting for Encrypted Email

Secure web access document viewer for design diagrams

We work closely with you to understand business needs