Managed Regulatory Compliance

Balancing core business activities against regulatory requirements is a difficult task for the modern technology compliance management professional. Most regulatory compliance standards are constantly evolving which leads to an on-going process of certification catch up. Tying up valuable resources, this can often divert much needed attention from the revenue generating core business activities.
Metasure assists you to meet the compliance needs of your business by leveraging our Consultants’ experience of delivering successful regulatory compliance across PCI DSS, SOX, ISO27001, Co-Co and HIPPA standards.

In addition to our regulatory compliance expertise we also bring industry specific experience which allows our clients to avoid any recurring pitfalls and provide a real world, workable solution. We are very aware of the standard approach taken by others in this market and we believe the “compliance over common sense approach” is all too prevalent.
Metasure uses our experience of delivering business compliance in live operating environments to ensure that regulatory obligations become a value add rather than a cost centre with dubious business benefits. We can focus on specific areas of your business or provide a strategic overview that aligns compliance with business objectives to deliver total visibility to all internal and external stakeholders.

We work closely with you to understand business needs