PCI DSS Managed Service

Metasure provides a specific PCI DSS managed service aimed at facilitating compliance in businesses with difficult, complex or high profile in-scope infrastructure and process elements. Although other compliance schemes have various penalties for none compliance, PCI DSS poses a specific challenge to a number of industry segments as non-compliance or a PCI breach can cause a company to lose the ability to take credit card payments due to a revocation of merchant status.
For in-scope businesses where credit card sale volumes are high, PCI DSS presents the single biggest risk to the business and therefore needs to be professionally managed and mitigated as part of an overall business process risk reduction strategy.
pci compliance

Metasure provides a complete PCI DSS Managed service from project inception through to achieving compliance and ultimately, maintaining compliance, which we believe is the part that requires the most attention.

We believe that your business challenges are not static and this should be reflected in your chosen risk management solution.

We draw on the expertise of the best PCI DSS ASV’s and QSA’s in the market to assist us deliver the regulatory element of the projects. however we differentiate our offering by placing equal focus on the needs of the business to ensure a best fit is acquired; balancing regulatory compliance, risk and the revenue generating needs of the business in a long term, practical solution.

Services Include:

PCI Gap Analysis

CDE Risk Evaluation

Technology Security Architecture

PCI Process Generation

PCI Policy Generation

ASV Scans

Quarterly Reviews

Penetration Tests

SAQ Completion

Supply Chain Compliance/Partner AOC management

Quarterly Submission and on-going compliance management

PCI DSS reporting and metrics service

PCI Breach Response Assistance

Bank/Merchant acquirer management and liason

In addition to the fully managed service, we can also tailor our service to provide core elements for use by your team, which again leverage the specific industry experience gained from our clients.

We work closely with you to understand business needs